David is a multidisciplinary visual artist with a focus on filmmaking and photography.

Having spend the last 10 years honing his craft as a director; directing numerous of advertisements, music videos, short films and an award winning feature length documentary (Not Me). 

He lives by the mantra, Art or Die. Every day must be dedicated to creating whether it be a commercial, writing poetry, creating fine art or simply spending time in nature. He calls LA home, and is often on the road for work and fun. When he’s not on the job, he’s out trekking in the remote American Pacific North West, recording podcasts with his 92yr old grandmother or spending time with his family dog, Gracie. 

He’s currently producing his first published material titled ‘Art or Die Vol. 1 (Poems & Photographs)’. This book encapsulates his current life transformation focussing on ego dissolution. He is also launching a new donation based online distribution model for his debut feature film, Not Me. Along with planning a 10city tour to screen the film and curate a group therapy experience. He’s also in development on two new documentaries: One is a series on all things Mushrooms, and the other focuses on mental health and cultural understanding around MDMA as a treatment method.

Commercial Booking - Altered.La (Marcos Cline)

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